10346 DNP-dPEG®4–acidNew dPEG reagents are available in eChemShop





The term "dPEG®" is an acronym for "discrete poly(ethylene glycol)" or "discrete PEG". Each dPEG represents a single compound with a unique, specific, single molecular weight (MW) PEG synthesized de novo from pure, small units (e.g., triethylene glycol or tetraethylene glycol). In our numbering system, we name compounds as dPEG®nn, where nn stands for the number of oxygen atoms in the spacer unit. We do this in order to simplify the naming of the compounds. Our catalog has the exact structure of the single compound.

dPEG compounds and their derivatives are suitable for wide range of therapeutic, diagnostic, and molecular engineering applications.

10218 Biotin-dPEG®3-cyanocobalamin




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How to Select Compound Collections for Screening

The more a researcher understands the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms concerning a particular therapeutic area, the more specialized and narrow should be the compound selection. A large general diversity library is the most appropriate choice when mechanics of interaction and structural characteristics are unknown or not clear.

TimTec library collections present full line of screening products and are characterized according to the following features that may overlap from collection to collection.

  • General screening collections include drug-like and highly diverse selections of different sizes to accommodate assays of different through-put capacity
  • Targeted, directed libraries ActiTarg Series: GPCR Ligands, Kinase Modulators, Protease Inhibitors, Serpins Inhibitors, Potassium Channel Modulators, Nuclear Receptor Ligands
  • Collections built around individual compounds characteristics: Privileged Structures, ActiCom (compounds with known activates), Fragment Based Library, Activity-Aimed sets
  • Nature Inspired - pure natural material and natural product derivatives; plant extracts are also included
  • Custom Sets are based on your own suggested criteria of selection
  • Compound collections size and formatting. There are collections of 2,000cmpds, 5,000cmpds, 10,000cmpds, 25,000cmpds, 50,000cmpd, or even 75-100,000+ compounds. Sample size per compound could vary from low in volume solution aliquots to milligram/micromole amounts in dry form. Libraries could be delivered in 96 and 384-well plates. We will adapt our custom storage solutions using your formatting guidelines

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pre-desined TimTec screening collections.

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Venusil ASB C18The unique Venusil ASB C18 columns from Agela is specifically designed for the separation of polar compounds from extremely low pH (stable at pH=0.8) to medium pH with high temperature tolerance, up to 100°C.



The stationary phase is end-capped with polar groups, which brings out very strong separation power for polar compounds. High aqueous compatibility makes the Venusil ASB C18 column much better peak shape, retention, and efficiency comparing to other “AQ” columns. The Venusil ASB C18 column also has extremely low bleed and high sensitivity for LC-MS.

Browse dIfferent Venusil columns

“The ASB C18 column outperformed any other column I could get my hands on and I was able to handle the hundreds of COMT compounds I was presented with. ”

McClain Ray T., Ph.D

Merck & Co., Inc

Friday, March 20, 2009


“I tested for my compound and found a better Sensitivity for ASB C18 column than regular luna C18 2.1×50 mm, 5um.”

Xiaorong Liang, Ph.D

Staff Scientist

Covance Laboratories Inc.

Thu, Mar 19, 2009

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HILIC flash columnsTimTec's eChemShop carries Agela’s HILIC flash columns with ultrapure silica, which has been washed with acid and DI water with narrow particle size control and water content control.

Unique proprietary technology deactivates the silica media for HILIC flash columns to offer significantly improved performance. There is much less undesirable silica surface activities when compared to regular flash columns.

HILIC flash columns are compatible with polar and aqueous solvents, such as methanol, acetonitrile, and water, which makes the solvent handing much easier compared to that for the normal phase separations.

Above all, these columns are designed to last under frequent use: HILIC flash columns have wide applications for compounds that are not soluble in non- or low polar solvents (hexane, IPA and toluene), for highly polar compounds which have too much retention on silica columns, and for a mixture of compounds with a broad range of polarity (non-polar, semi-polar, and high polar) with alternative selectivity.

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Funnels are available for purchase at eChemShop

Are made strongerFunnel with temperature retained jacket / 10ml / 21mm DIA TS15/25

Roth cup portion integral molding. Has uniformity at the top.

Easy to clean

If you have a number of holes like a Buchner funnel, and build up this "purse" would be able to part. This is very difficult to wash the internal, invisible while. Kiriyama funnel hole in the center is the one place. Easy cleaning done with a simple structure and internal visibility.

You can connect directly with transparent sliding fit into the suction bell and suction flaskNeck size: TS15/25

Kiriyama funnel transparent sliding all together (for each type of VB SB SU SC) by suction bell, etc. Please use a combination of suction flask. All types are available for the S type rubber stopper. 

The heat-resistant glass
HARIO H Kiriyama funnel is proven in the heat-resistant glass-made of 32.
And excellent heat resistance, coefficient of linear expansion (0 ~ 300 ?) and the expansion 32,0 ? 10-7 / ?, the shrinkage is small, is resistant to heat. Also suitable for filtration GFF glass fiber filter paper using heat. The main component silicon dioxide (80 percent) is less stable chemical properties of extremely alkaline elution.


Tough and DurableNeck: Rubber stopper type

A cup part of Kiriyama-rohto is molded in one shot by glass press.
So it has durable, strong, uniform quality.

Easy to wash

Buechner funnel has many holes leads to a drain part whose inside is hard to be seen and washed.
Kiriyama-rohto has only one hole at the center. Because its structure is simple and the inside of it is visible, it can be washed easily.

Direct connection to Bell Jar and Vacuum Flask

Kiriyama-rohto can be connected directly to a bell jar / vacuum flask by grounded glass surface (VB / SB / SU / SC types).
Rubber stopper connection type (S type) is also available.

Made from heat-resistant glass

Kiriyama-rohto is made from well reputed heat-resistant glass, HARIO H-32.
This material has excellent heat-resistant feature because of its small coefficient of the expansion and contraction that is (0-300 ?) 32,0 x 10-7 / ?
It is suitable for high temperature filtration with a glass fiber filter (GFP serious).
Also it is chemically stable and has low alkaline elution because its 80% of the component is silicon dioxide.


About Interactive CorporationSepa-rohto (Separate funnel)

Interactive Corporation was founded in October 1993. Since then, we have grown into an international trading company, and are engaged in overseas and domestic trading of various products such as electronic analytical equipment, semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, industrial equipments, steel products, foods , etc. Now we are pleased to announce that we start distributing all products of Kiriyama Glass Works Co., including its famous Kiriyama-rohto (Kiriyama-funnel) to overseas. In Japan, Kiriyama-rohto has a lot of patronage as an industry standard. At this opportunity, we hope you will try their excellent quality in your laboratory also.

TimTec LLC is an official distributor of Interactive Corporation Kiriyama-rohto Funnels.

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