TimTec LLC is a privately held company located in Tampa, Florida. It was founded in 1995 Newark, Delaware to begin its work in the areas of acquisition and distribution of synthetic organic and natural compounds, custom synthesis, scientific software and laboratory equipment to become a full-service partner for drug discovery. TimTec has developed strong in-house expertise in the design of screening products to offer a full line of libraries and compound sets of various specialization for different assays. In addition, the company provides compound management, custom formatting and computational services. TimTec LLC is a US veteran and a woman owned business.

Tremendous growth opportunities in the field of biological screening prompted us to establish operations in Europe and the United States. In 1993, due to the increased demand for diversified organic compounds, we incorporated in Delaware, opened an office, and established a presence in the U.S. market. TimTec then began its work in the areas of acquisition and distribution of synthetic organic and natural compounds, custom synthesis, custom weighing and microplate preparation, and quality control including NMR analysis. Our 30,000 square foot facility has a state-of-the-art synthetic lab for mg/g/kg scale production, analytical lab, and cold storage rooms.

Our Philosophy and Vision

From the very beginning, TimTec started with a purpose, a mission: to serve current chemistry needs of research and development community in life-science industry.

TimTec is ever aware that a molecule one day becomes a solution, a cure, an essential component to keeping, improving, or making a life system healthy. The appreciation of this possibility is a core value at TimTec.

TimTec seeks to anticipate the current trends to serve its customers. The company molecular chemistry solutions continue to support present day challenges in search for the cure for the most prevalent and the most rare diseases while embracing new technologies. Flexibility and adaptability has been the driving force for the many successful changes in TimTec throughout the years and is another core value of the TimTec business model.

TimTec is a world community of chemistry specialists. As chemists we delight in discovering, creating, finding, and collecting novel, high-quality molecules. Maximum chemical diversity has always been considered an essential goal in addressing equally diverse research needs.

TimTec logo:

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TimTec - Your full service partner for drug discovery

Download TimTec Screening compounds & Building Blocks catalogs in SDF

Company History

Early 90s Zelinsky Institute of organic chemistry introduces compound offerings worldwide
1993 Zelinsky Inc shifts operations to United States to centralize customer outreach and distribute in North America - main customer base includes DuPont, J&J, Merck, Lilly
1995 Physical facility requirements emerge and TimTec is established in Delaware to stock compounds domestically and operate a full service laboratory. Continued vertical integration begins with a storage facility, operational warehouse and compound management services laboratory.
1995 www.TimTec.net is launched
1995 ActiMol library is created and further developed through cherry picking of overseas compounds
1996 Transitinary period of the company changing operations from distribution to operation
1997 Compound transfer services are added
1997 Compound Database management software ChemDBsoft increases company's performance and compound acqusition efficiency. ChemDBsoft is offered to chemists worldwide as a compound management tool
1998 R&D, Custom Synthesis and Analytical services are offered as part of a joint venture with Zelinsky & other companies
1998 TimTec moves to a larger facility to accomodate the growing demand of services and products
1999 Natural Products become a major focus - these libraries continue to grow to this day
1999 Liquid handlng robotics become part of TimTec's laboratory to meet the increased demand
2000 First Diversity Set Library Created
2000 Full service lab expanded
2001 Plant extracts are offered through TimTec
ChemDBsoft V2 introduces new features, speed, stability and usability
2004 TimTec Biomol collaboration results in MaxiVerse™ chemical diversity library
2004 www.BuyReagents.com launched
2004 www.ChemDBsoft.com launched
2005 MolPro package is released - logp, logd, logs, pka, fa, diversity and similarity features are offered
2005 Succesful collaboration with SIAL produces the MyriaScreen Collection Library

Moved to current facility, to accomodate the growing need for space. Lab & Storage expanded.

2006 Privileged Structures Focused Library assembled
Targeted library series expanded
Natural Products & Derivatives Libraries expanded
2009 www.ActiMol.com launched
2009 Flavonoid Library assembled
Template-based Library created
Targeted library series expanded, ActiTarg-P added
2009 Fragment Based Library (FBL) Library created
2010 ChemDBsoft V3 released. Compatibility and Speed are vastly improved
2010 TimTec eChemStore online compound catalog created; Customers can purchase individual compounds at their convenience.
2010 Targeted library series expanded, ActiTarg-N added
Launching TimTec Russia site to promote collaboration with CIS and Asia
2011 Launching of MyriaScreen II in Collaboration with Sigma Aldrich
Starting participation in SIAL AMS
2012 eChemStore online catalog expanded to 680,000 compounds
Introducing Chem-TCM, phytochemical database of molecules found in plants used in the traditional Chinese medicine

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MyriaScreen II – diversity screening library from Sigma-Aldrich and TimTec
ApexScreen is a collection of 5,040 compounds that were selected to represent the diversity of TimTec stock
Chemistry reagents, HPLC columns, natural compounds
innovative software packages for chemical database management, chemical web server, structure drawing, diversity analysis, clustering, HTS and combinatorial chemistry, prediction of LogP/solubility/Pk, and Spectra Management