High Quality Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry Contract Research Services at an Outstanding Value

Having independent expert help counts!

TimTec brings over 15 years of expertise in organic chemistry design and supply for drug discovery closer to your supplemental bench-top requirements by launching The Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry Contract Research Services Division. TimTec scientists have a proven track record of providing high quality services and showing outstanding integrity to their clients.

TimTec remains flexible in delivering practical chemistry solutions molded to custom research requirements and budgets. All Contract Research Services are delivered with an emphasis on speed, real-time feedback, ongoing communication, superior compound quality, and the protection of our clients’ knowledge resources and interests. We are dedicated to providing these services at exceptionally competitive prices.

We are keenly aware of all the intricate details and chemistry challenges that go into bench-top research before a qualified lead molecule emerges. Your TimTec contract research team consists of experienced organic chemists located in Delaware, USA and at the prestigious Zelinsky Institute in Moscow, Russia.

TimTec Contract Research Services Start with:

  • Flexible Contracts
  • Program Management
  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Structure-Activity Relationship Evaluation
  • Lead Optimization
  • Property Optimization for ADME and PK
  • Metabolite Synthesis
  • Enabling Technologies – Parallel synthesis, multistep synthesis, analytical chemistry
  • Mg to Kg Capacity
  • Compound Distribution – Solid or solution, vials or plates
  • Patent Application Preparation Assistance

Please contact us for customized details and pricing scenarios.


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