Genipin StructureGenipin is an aglycone derived from an iridoid glycoside called geniposide present in fruit of Gardenia jasmindides Ellis.
Genipin is an excellent natural cross-linker for proteins, collagen, gelatin, and chitosan cross-linking.

It has a low acute toxicity, with LD50 i.v. 382 mg/kg in mice, therefore, much less toxic than glutaraldehyde and many other commonly used synthetic cross-linking regents. It is also used for pharmaceutical purposes, such as choleretic action for liver diseases control.

Genipin is available for small and large scale production.


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 Product ID
IUPAC name Methyl (1R,2R,6S)-2-hydroxy-9-(hydroxymethyl)- 3-oxabicyclo[4.3.0]nona-4,8-diene-5-carboxylate
CAS number [6902-77-8]
PubChem 442424
Molecular formula C11H14O5
Molar mass 226.226 g/mol
Hydrogen Bonds Donors
Hydrogen Bonds Acceptors  5
Rotatable Bonds
Polar Surface Area
XLogP  -0.8
Exact Mass
MonoIsotopic Mass

Genipin Specification

   Specification  Results
 Appearance:  white crystal powder  
 Purity:  98% up by HPLC method  98.2%
 Solubilities:  soluble in Ethanol, Methanol, Acetone, slightly soluble in 
 Total plate count:  below 1000 CFU/g  300 CFU/g
 E. coli:  Negative  Negative
 Salmonella:  Negative  Negative
 Storage:  Room temperature  
Notice: It can be dissolved in Ethanol first, then diluted to suitable concentration with
buffer solution.

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