•    Dry and liquid sample handling
•    From small scale (even few samples) to high throughput handling capability
•    Fully automated high throughput liquid handling systems
•    Organizing and Re-formatting of Chemical Libraries according to custom requirements
•    Transferring samples from old storage vessels to the robot adjustable vials and plates with chemically resistant bar-coded labels.
•    Dissolving precisely weighed out samples in fixed or variable volumes of solvent such as DMSO.
•    Preparation of multiple sets and replication of 96 and 384 well plates, storage plates (in dry or liquid forms), mother and daughter plates.
•    Electronic structural records and digital inventory organization and tracking
•    Barcoding and labeling
•    Dry ice domestic and international shipments


Please contact us for a quote for your next custom sample management job. We have capability to do not only single projects, but also accommodate ongoing dry sample and liquids handling support for very small scale and high throughput volumes dedicating more than one automated system if required.

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Because of our extensive decades-long experience in compound managment, we are capable of processing thousands of compounds each month while maintaining the highest handling quality standards. If you have a collection of compounds that needs to be placed into vials, microtiterplates, or other storage vessels, labeled and bar-coded, our professional service can help you accomplish this task quickly and efficiently. Each weighed sample will be placed into one or more vials or microplate tubes 2-D bar coded or conventional, and each sample's data recorded in your preferred database format.

Most frequently we serve as a formatting intermediary point between you and your suppliers, greatly simplifying the daunting task of weighing, plating, labeling, and organizing the chemical libraries being shipped to you. We take on even the smallest projects freeing you from the need to keep largely unutilized specialty equipment and tools while keeping all your samples in uniform and ready to use format.

Fully Automated High-Throughput Liquid Handling


We are using Tecan Freedom automated systems that offer industry accepted and time-tested precision and speed for handling 100nL-5000uL volumes. The equipment is operated by Tecan certified specialist.

One system can process up to 33 plates in one batch efficiently using 96 and 384 multi-channel arm. It takes less than 1.5min to replicate 96-well plate and less than 5 minutes to complete a 384-well plate. The systems can be calibrated to work with custom plates and other sample storage vessels.

Plating Services

One of our specialty services where we have considerable experience is preparing samples in plates and microplates including footprint or single 2-D barcode reading. This process can help reorganize chemical libraries to improve inventory system or better prepare them for future screening cycles, where evaluation will be accomplished faster and more efficiently. We can organize your samples according to any specifications you may have. We record all data including structure (if available and is not covered by CDA),  weighed amounts, solvent volumes, plate and well locations or other storage solutions coordinates for you in database format or spreadsheets, so the process of data transfer and retrieval is accurate, quick and easy.

Custom Bar Coded Labels

Bar coding can use your internal code system, or assign a unique sequential bar code number to each label for corresponding storage container.

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