TimTec's Diversity Analysis Software allows the assembly of libraries, which maximize the chemical diversity of selections from databases of compounds currently available from TimTec immediate and extended stock. These diversity libraries represent dense molecular dissimilarity pooling and are further filtered to include molecules that fall within designated MW, cLogP and Lipinski Rule parameters. We can also provide the selection of compounds from our databases, which will include only those compounds that will contribute to the diversity of an existing customer library.

ActiProbe Series

With ActiProbe Series of screening collections you get access to some of the most diverse chemotypes among distinctly drug-like molecules available from TimTec extended stock. The Series includes different in number of compounds stand-alone collections to suit your assays. All collections share one and the same clustering design approach. Choose any number of compounds from 1,000 to 25,000 as in ActiProbe-1K and 25K, or any number in between, up to 50,000 in ActiGlobe-50K.


The grand diversity collection of 50,000 compounds has been assembled from worldwide sources numbering over 2,000,000 compounds-candidates.

Diversity Set

Leverage discovery with Diversity SET, a superior collection in terms of the dissimilar selection of singletons identified within variety of chemo types in TimTec stock. The SET was designed with the diversity being in focus in addition to generally drug-like compounds selection.


The collection of 5,040 compounds represents the diversity of TimTec stock in a smaller format as opposed to larger screening collections of 10,000 compounds and more. ApexScreen is a perfect starter library and a valuable diversity addition to any existing collection. On top of diverse compound selection that represent variety of chemotypes in TimTec stock, ApexScreen includes a number of pure natural compounds and natural products derivatives to suit current trends in screening.

MyriaScreen II

It is 50% updated and redesigned version of original MyriaScreen developed together with Sigma-Aldrich corporation. The collection unities 10,000 compounds, refined selection of compounds from both companies stock.

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