ActiProbe-2K from TimTec ActiProbe Series presents highly diverse subset of 2,000 drug-like compounds making it an essential library in your screening starter kit. Low price confirms that ActiProbe-2K is a very good choice. ActiProbe Series includes different in number of compounds stand-alone collections that carry on the same design approach being suitable for various in size assays.  Start with one of the smaller or larger ActiProbe collections to keep adding Series collections as your research progresses.

ActiProbe Series provides access to some of the most diverse chemotypes among distinctly drug-like molecules available from TimTec extended stock. For example ActiProbe-2K Diversity Score is 0.91 with 1.0 being the highest score possible. Singletons count about 1890 molecules in this library with additional 49 clusters having 2 structures on average in each.

There are 650 unique heterocyclic fragments in the library. Out of 650, 364 heterocycles are found only in one molecule each. About 200 heterocycles are shared by 2-5 molecules. You can view all ActiProbe-2K heterocycles in PDF.

ActiProbe-2K diversity analysis shows that the library is tightly packed with potentially active chemistry for your assay to reveal. 

All structural files are available for pre-view prior to purchases. Please contact us may you have any questions or custom requests.

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MyriaScreen II – diversity screening library from Sigma-Aldrich and TimTec
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