anti inflammatory libraryThis activity-aimed set includes low molecular weight drug-like compounds with fragments found in known non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs covering variety of targets.

About 20 starting drugs fragments are used to assemble the set of 1950 compounds available in 10mmol or 1mg/1mL concentrations and in dry form.

Fragmental representation is summarized in the table below. Custom sub-sets can be created to narrow or expand the pre-designed selection.

Lattice type Lattice Type Occurrence Drug Example
Aryl acetic acids 353 Acemetacin, Felbinac
Quinolines 300 GSK256066, Compound 35 (Kyowa Hakko Kirin), Compound 19 (BMS)
Amino aryl carboxylic acid 141 Etofenamate, Talniflumate
Aryl carboxylic acid derivatives 705 Clidanac, Tinoridine
Aryl butyric acid derivatives 24 Bumadizon, Fenbufen
Aryl propionic acid derivatives 158 Ibuprofen, Suprofen, Oxaprozin
Pyrazoles 680 Difenamizole, Epirizole
Pyrazolones 586 Propyphenazone, Suxibuzone
Salicylic acid 71 Aspirin, Diflunisal,Parsalmide, Olsalazine
2-hydroxyacetic acid 3 Benzydamine
1,3,5-trihydropyrimidine-2,4,6-trione 26 Bucolome
N-(2-pyridyl)carboxamide 272 Difenpiramide
1,3-oxazole-2-ylamine 4 Ditazol
2-amino-1-phenylethan-1-ol 28 Fepradinol
methanesulfonamide, thiazinecarboxamide 106 Nimesulide, Lexipafant
9-methylenefluorene 3 Paranyline
3,4,5-trihydropyrimidin-2-one 3 Proquazone

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