Storage Plates: 96-well Plates with 1.1 or 0.65 mL volume per well.

Catalog #B1251 96-well yellow platesGeneric non-sterile DMSO resistant polypropylene storage rack with 96 removable tubes enclosed by a lid. Standard 96-well foot-print is compatible with most liquid-handling equipment. Tubes are non marked and the lid features alpha-numeric well assignment.

Catalog number B1251

B1251-P - Siliconized

B1251-S - Sterile

1.1mL per well tubes

0.65mL per well tubes


These lightweight plates are perfect for organic samples storage for transportation in dry form or DMSO/other solvents suitable for polypropylene material. They work well under ambient or cold temperatures.


8-Cap Strip Covers for Plates (Plug Caps)8-Cap Strip Covers

Recommended covers are tight 8-cap strip covers, non-sterile, catalog number ……, or silicone cap-mat, catalog number …Strips are ideal for row-by-row covering and for half-filled with samples plates. They fit most of the plates designs. Strips can be cut easily to plug one or less than 8 wells. Each strip plug comes with a little side tab for easy removal.

Catalog Number B1254

B1254-S - Sterile

Plate Mat for 96-well PlatesPlate Mat Cover

This reusable non-sterile mat is compatible with wide variety of standard 96-well plates: microplates, block-plates, and racks with removable tubes. The mat is made of DMSO resistant flexible silicon material well-fitting for plates under ambient and cold temperature. Black letters and numbers mark rows and columns respectively.

Catalog Number B1258


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