How to Select Compound Collections for Screening

The more a researcher understands the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms concerning a particular therapeutic area, the more specialized and narrow should be the compound selection. A large general diversity library is the most appropriate choice when mechanics of interaction and structural characteristics are unknown or not clear.

TimTec library collections present full line of screening products and are characterized according to the following features that may overlap from collection to collection.

  • General screening collections include drug-like and highly diverse selections of different sizes to accommodate assays of different through-put capacity
  • Targeted, directed libraries ActiTarg Series: GPCR Ligands, Kinase Modulators, Protease Inhibitors, Serpins Inhibitors, Potassium Channel Modulators, Nuclear Receptor Ligands
  • Collections built around individual compounds characteristics: Privileged Structures, ActiCom (compounds with known activates), Fragment Based Library, Activity-Aimed sets
  • Nature Inspired - pure natural material and natural product derivatives; plant extracts are also included
  • Custom Sets are based on your own suggested criteria of selection
  • Compound collections size and formatting. There are collections of 2,000cmpds, 5,000cmpds, 10,000cmpds, 25,000cmpds, 50,000cmpd, or even 75-100,000+ compounds. Sample size per compound could vary from low in volume solution aliquots to milligram/micromole amounts in dry form. Libraries could be delivered in 96 and 384-well plates. We will adapt our custom storage solutions using your formatting guidelines

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MyriaScreen II – diversity screening library from Sigma-Aldrich and TimTec
ApexScreen is a collection of 5,040 compounds that were selected to represent the diversity of TimTec stock
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