HILIC flash columnsTimTec's eChemShop carries Agela’s HILIC flash columns with ultrapure silica, which has been washed with acid and DI water with narrow particle size control and water content control.

Unique proprietary technology deactivates the silica media for HILIC flash columns to offer significantly improved performance. There is much less undesirable silica surface activities when compared to regular flash columns.

HILIC flash columns are compatible with polar and aqueous solvents, such as methanol, acetonitrile, and water, which makes the solvent handing much easier compared to that for the normal phase separations.

Above all, these columns are designed to last under frequent use: HILIC flash columns have wide applications for compounds that are not soluble in non- or low polar solvents (hexane, IPA and toluene), for highly polar compounds which have too much retention on silica columns, and for a mixture of compounds with a broad range of polarity (non-polar, semi-polar, and high polar) with alternative selectivity.

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