Newark, DE, July 8, 2010 –Press Release- TimTec, LLC is pleased to announce the launching of the new Division that manages Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry Contract Research Services. The emergence of the division is an evolutionally progression for TimTecs business development. The company has been known for its expertise in organic chemistry design and supply for drug discovery for 15 years. TimTec scientists have a proven track record of providing high quality services and showing outstanding integrity to their clients. 

The Head of Contract Research Services, J. C. Pelletier, PhD., has over 20 years of research experience in the US pharmaceutical industry as a hands-on medicinal chemist  and project Team Leader at large companies and smaller, start-up operations. The TimTec contract research team consists of experienced, bench level scientists who have access to state of the art synthesis, analytical and quality control facilities. TimTec specialists are keenly aware of all the intricate details and chemistry challenges that go into bench-top research before a qualified lead molecule emerges.

TimTec remains flexible in delivering practical chemistry solutions molded to custom research requirements and budgets. Contract research services include, but are not limited to, flexible contracts, program management, structure-activity relationship evaluation,  lead optimization,  property optimization for ADME and PK, metabolite synthesis,  enabling technologies (parallel synthesis, multistep synthesis, analytical chemistry),  mg to kg synthesis capacity,  compound distribution, and patent application preparation assistance. The Contract Research Division puts great emphasis on speed, real-time feedback, ongoing communication, superior compound quality, and the protection of clients’ knowledge resources and interests. Dedication to service is matched by exceptionally competitive prices.


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About TimTec

TimTec LLC is a privately held company located in Newark Delaware, USA. It was founded in 1995 and began its work in the areas of acquisition and distribution of synthetic organic and natural compounds and collections, custom synthesis, and laboratory equipment to become a full service partner for drug discovery. TimTec has established a global network of thousands of scientists from research centers around the world. International customers include major pharmaceutical, biotech, agricultural, and educational companies and institutions, which use TimTec products for research and development programs.

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MyriaScreen II – diversity screening library from Sigma-Aldrich and TimTec
ApexScreen is a collection of 5,040 compounds that were selected to represent the diversity of TimTec stock
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