Newark, DE. August, 2010 – Press Release - TimTec, LLC. - Molecular Target for Screening:  G-Protein-Coupled Receptors, ActiTarg-G

G-Protein-Coupled Receptors are the largest gene families in the human genome and, rightfully so, have become the leading molecular target in 2008. In 2009 SBS April meeting in Lille, France, followed-up with screening trends report stating that  “GPCRs are expected to replace protein kinases as the most common molecular target used by HTS laboratories.”

GPCRs are the largest family of cell surface receptors being integral to the number of cellular and physiological functions, including light sensing, smell, appetite control, insulin secretion, and blood pressure modulation. These receptors generally have a seven-membrane spanning alpha-helical topography, and while these receptors are similar in overall structure and function, they differ in key amino acid residues. The potential for this super family of receptors to reveal small molecule modulators of a significant biological function has been responsible for the focus of intense drug discovery efforts.

TimTec GPCR Ligands library is called ActiTarg-G. It currently counts 2,300 molecules available in various formatting options, and can be delivered in vials or in 96 or 384-well plates.  ActiTarg-G is the set of diverse molecules that contain chemical lattices present in compounds reported in the technical or patent literature to possess GPCR-ligand properties.

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