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Formula: C11H19NO8

MW: 293.27

CAS: 10597-89-4



N-ACETYLMURAMIC ACID; NAMA; MURNAC; (R)-2-(ACETYLAMINO)-3-O-(1-CARBOXYETHYL)-2-DEOXY-D-GLUCOSE; AC-MURAMIC ACID; (R)-2-acetamido-3-O-(1-carboxyethyl)-2-deoxy-D-glucose; N-Acetylmuramic acid; 2-Acetamido-2-deoxy-3-O-[D-1-carboxyethyl]-D-glucopyranose; (R)-2-(Acety

LogP: 2.26

LogS: -3.51

Acceptors: 8

Donors: 5

Rotation Bonds: 4

Chiral Centers: 6

N+O: 9


IUPAC: (2R)-2-[(2S,5S,3R,4R,6R)-3-(acetylamino)-2,5-dihydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)(2H-3, 4,5,6-tetrahydropyran-4-yloxy)]propanoic acid

Smiles: O1[C@H](O)[C@H](NC(=O)C)[C@@H](O[C@@H](C(=O)O)C)[C@@H](O)[C@H]1CO

SOURCE: N-Acetylmuramic acid, or MurNAc, is the ether of lactic acid and N-acetylglucosamine with a chemical formula of C11H19NO8. It is part of a biopolymer in the bacterial cell wall, built from alternating units of N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) and N-acetylmura

Specification: N-ACETYLMURAMIC ACID Chemical Properties:

mp 125 C (dec.)(lit.) storage temp. 2-8C Merck 13,6328 CAS DataBase Reference10597-89-4(CAS DataBase Reference) Safety Information Hazard Codes Xn Risk Statements 20/21/22-68/20/21/22 Safety Statements 36/37 WGK Germany 3 F 3-10N-ACETYLMURAMIC ACID Usage And Synthesis Chemical Properties:


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