Protein kinases always remain in research focus while searching for small molecules with anti-cancer activity. The following article would be an excellent guidance or supplement to designing and/or finding kinase target-oriented library.

Prien, O. Target-Family-Oriented Focused Libraries for Kinases-Conceptual Design Aspects and Commercial Availability. ChemBioChem 2005, 6, 500-505.

In the article Dr. Prien from European Research Center at Schering AG provides informative overview of two major design approaches used in the creation of target-family oriented libraries: design based on structural properties and design based on descriptor properties.

There are specific examples of building a library based on preferred scaffolds, privileged structures, lead compounds, and a number of computational descriptors. Computational methods are discussed. The article suggests integration of different approaches with reliance on essential medicinal chemistry expertise.

TimTec is identified as one of the major suppliers of directed libraries on the market with its ActiTarg-K, kinase inhibitors collection. TimTec has grown kinase inhibitor library since 2005. ActiTarg-K now includes over 6,600 compounds with its 960 compounds - top structural diversity selection - still offered as a comprehensive in size subset.

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