The ActiTarg-K Collection is a screening set of molecules that contain chemical lattices present in compounds reported in the technical or patent literature to possess protein kinase inhibiting properties. There are over 6,600 compounds, kinase inhibitors in this collection.

ActiTarg-K6600 represents a variety of different chemical series. Structural constraints and novel pendants within these molecules provide the structural variability to identify new chemical directions for hit optimization.

Top diversity selection of 960 compounds, ActiTarg-K960, comprises a pre-filtered diversity collection of 12 plates that should provide a high value screening library of drug-like molecules for identifying synthesis direction for new protein kinase inhibitors in a smaller screening application.

Compounds are available for cherry-picking and/or as a collection in 96, 384-well plates and in vials.

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Article: Target-Family-Oriented Focused Libraries for Kinases-Conceptual Design Aspects

Featured Screening Results for ActiTarg-K

Pilot screening of small sub-set, 300 compounds, from the Tim Tec ActiTarg-K library identified a compound, ST018584, selective ATPase inhibitor with anti-BKV activity:

Zeng G, et al. Validation of BKV large T-antigen ATP-binding site as a target for drug discovery. Antiviral Res. 2008 Dec 11. [E-pub ahead of print]

MW 578.20
MF C24H15BrCl2N2O6


About Kinase Modulators

Among the many strategies to cancer therapeutics, protein kinase inhibition has emerged as particularly viable and promising approach. This interest has been stimulated by an understanding of the key role this broad family of phosphorylating enzymes plays in controlling proliferative processes, as well as the success of agents like GleevecTM, imatinib in the treatment chronic myleloid leukemia and certain solid tumors. Along with this tyrosine kinase inhibitor, many other agents that inhibit this, and other cell cycle regulating kinases CDK's, are currently being developed for the treatment of cancer and immune system disorders.

To meet the interest and needs of investigators who are trying to identify low molecular weight, drug-like molecules with the ability to inhibit protein kinases, TimTec has assembled a variety of agents with chemical lattices found in compounds with reported kinase activity.



Lattice type

Contact us if you are interested in a chemical diversity selection of structures from the different kinase libraries assembled as 5, 10 and 20 plate sets

Tyrosine / CDK




p38 MAP












CDK / PASS* >0.50

CDK isoxazolidinine subset
CDK aminothiazole subset

Tyrosine / PASS >0.50


p38MAP / PASS >0.50


PKC / PASS >0.50



*PASS: Software that predicts biological activity based on structural similarity to compounds reported to have the specified activity.

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