Plymouth Meeting, PA, June 26, 2002 – BIOMOL Research Laboratories, Inc. and TimTec Corporation. have announced a collaboration to provide the drug discovery research community with comprehensive chemical [diversity] libraries.

BIOMOL will design and market this series of products. TimTec brings access to a vast selection of small molecules - both synthetic and derived from nature. TimTec will be responsible for computational screening of compounds and producing the actual libraries. Applications of the first series, the MaxiVerse™ Chemical Diversity Libraries, will be lead generation; the follow-on series will include libraries for chemical genomics and proteomics research.

"This collection builds upon our current offering of ligand libraries," states Dr. Robert Zipkin, the president of BIOMOL, in reference to BIOMOL’s well-received Screen-Well Ligand Library Series. He continued, "We are excited about adding this phenomenal collection of potential drug leads to our product portfolio. Drug discovery research and high throughput techniques demand the availability of a comprehensive selection of small molecules at a high level of purity. The chemical libraries we will develop together will expedite the drug discovery process."

"Historically TimTec was focused on delivering most diversified organic compounds for screening synthesized both in in-house and various research centers from around the world. As a result we have created 2mln+ compounds library. Collaboration with BIOMOL will allow us to develop narrowly focused libraries in order to satisfy increasing demand from scientific community," states TimTec President Dr. Murat Niyazymbetov.

The MaxiVerse™ chemical diversity libraries will represent a breakthrough product for academic researchers who are carrying out screening for chemical genomics studies in addition to pharmaceutical high throughput screening groups. Customized libraries are also an option. The libraries will be supplied in 96-well plates in dry or liquid (DMSO solution, shipped in dry ice) forms. The hit compounds will be re-supplied in larger amounts. Customers will be also offered an opportunity to collaborate in building focused libraries around lead compounds.


BIOMOL Research Laboratories, Inc., develops, produces and markets innovative reagents for signal transduction research and drug discovery, including enzymes, inhibitors, antibodies, neurochemicals and assay systems, plus compound libraries for receptor de-orphaning, ion channel characterization and chemical genomics. Founded in 1983, it is a leading provider of specialty biochemicals to both academic and industrial research organizations worldwide.

About TimTec:

TimTec Corporation. of Newark, DE is a full-service provider of compound acquisition for high-throughput screening. TimTec specialize in unique chemistry and possesses the optimal combination of in house synthesis and global sourcing of unique organic molecules. TimTec established a global network of thousands of scientists and research centers from around the world. Founded in 1995 TimTec is a leading provider of compounds for bioscreening, building blocks and intermediates, custom synthesis, sample handling, database managing tools and technologies.

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