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1 Differentiating Alzheimer Disease-Associated Aggregates with Small Molecules
2 Inhibitors of protein synthesis identified by a high throughput multiplexed translation screen
3 A Miniaturized Glucocorticoid Receptor Translocation Assay using Enzymatic Fragment Complementation Evaluated with qHTS
4 Identification of Novel Small-Molecule Agonists for Human Formyl Peptide Receptors and Pharmacophore Models of Their Recognition[S with combining enclosing square]
5 Validation of BKV large T-antigen ATP-binding site as a target for drug discovery.
6 Prediction and Identification of Drug Interactions with the Human ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter Multidrug-Resistance Associated Protein 2 (MRP2; ABCC2)
7 Potent Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Inducers
8 Featured Screening Results for TimTec NPL
9 Research Lead: Target-Family-Oriented Focused Libraries for Kinases-Conceptual Design Aspects
10 TimTec Library of 10,000 compounds was screened at MSU

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