Anti-Infectives Library

Anti-Infectives Library includes 960 low molecular weight, drug-like molecules with scaffolds found in antiseptic agents with anti-bacterial (Gram+ve and Gram-ve), anti-fungoid, anti-microbial activities.


Lattice type

Membrane permeabilizers inhibit bacteria growth

Inhibit cellular respiration and biosynthesis of nucleic acids being acceptors of oxygen Nitrofurans, Nitroimidazoles
Suppression of bacterial growth by blocking PABA Sulfonamides
Protein synthesis inhibition in gram-positive microorganisms Oxazolidinones
Distrupt peptidoglycan layer in the bacterial cell wall Cephalosporins
Bacteriostatic, IMDH inhibition, anti-PABA, denatures protein while dissolving it Urea, Diarylurea, Thiourea


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