Evaluation of the chemical structures of commercially available pharmaceuticals and agents with good pharmacological activity led to identification of molecular motifs that are more frequently associated with higher biological activity than other substructures. These motifs were given the "privileged" label when they were found to be present in molecules that were active at two or more different receptors. The interpretation was that the privileged fragment provided the scaffold, and the substituents the specificity for a particular target.

TimTec has assembled groups of privileged structures that can be excellent starting points for the identification of small molecule leads. All sets are available as dry powder or in DMSO in custom amounts and concentration.

Benzhydryl - 1150 compounds
Biphenyl - 660 compounds
Aza-(and diaza-)biphenyl - 1050 compounds
Dihydropyridine - 1230 compounds
Anilino-pyridine, pyrimidine, or triazine - 350 compounds
Phenylpiperazine - 1270 compounds

You are welcome to select any number of compounds from above groups. All privileged structures are available as one large screening collection of 5660 compounds adjusted for overlap between individual groups.

Request any other substructure or fragment based selection to assemble custom sets. Discounted price depends on the final number of compounds selected and a required samples size per compound.