Whether your need is for milligram or kilogram quantities of material, TimTec provides custom organic synthesis using the latest technology. Our facilities are available for production of intermediates as well as Active Drug Substances under cGMP requirements. Allow us to review your chemical needs and quickly respond with a detailed project plan and quotation. You can be assured that your project will receive high priority and personal attention. Our expertise is in rapid scale-up without sacrificing product quality, and we strictly adhere to all environmental and safety regulations. All inquiries are held in the utmost confidence.

Quality Control and Compound Purity

TimTec determines structure and purity of all compounds by using NMR and mass spectrometry. Our compounds have an average purity of 95%, and the minimum purity is at least 90%. We randomly check the quality of our stock compounds on a regular basis to confirm stability and shelf life. 1H-NMR spectra are available upon request for all stock compounds.

Analytical Services

Analysis is performed in an FDA and DEA registered laboratory.

NMR Services