Download Databases

Download Databases

CHED - Chemical Database Management System ChemDBsoft

  • Handles up-to 20,000,000 chemical records in one database. Windows compatible
  • Compares databases to find duplicates
  • Fast multiple database searching, sorting, comparison, merging
  • Efficient with large databases - comparison of million structures in seconds
  • Supports common data formats SDF, MOL, SMILES, JCAMP, Excel and others
  • Includes Structure Editor. Diversity analysis
  • Stores NMR, MS and IR spectra. Synthesis planning. SDF file analyzer, editor and viewer
  • Chemical Web Server software capabilities

Download free ChemDB Lite
- open databases in ChemDB format

Presentation: TimTec Screening Collections and Services Power Point

TimTec Diversity Screening Collections Flyer

Natural Products Flyer

Targeted Libraries Flyer

Specialty and Activity-Aimed Sets Flyer

Sample Management and Reformatting Flyer

TimTec in Publications PDF

Download SDF for individual compounds or Browse Library Compounds (registered users)


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Chem-TCM is the digital database of molecules from plants used in the traditional Chinese medicine
MyriaScreen II – diversity screening library from Sigma-Aldrich and TimTec
ApexScreen is a collection of 5,040 compounds that were selected to represent the diversity of TimTec stock
Chemistry reagents, HPLC columns, natural compounds
innovative software packages for chemical database management, chemical web server, structure drawing, diversity analysis, clustering, HTS and combinatorial chemistry, prediction of LogP/solubility/Pk, and Spectra Management